Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Migration

There may be a lot of reasons why you have chosen to consider Microsoft Office 365 for running your business in the cloud: flexibility, cost savings, scalability, and reliability. Whatever the reason may be, we help you chart out a carefully planned path to make the migration smooth and secure.  Our experienced consultants; proven cloud migration methodology and process; and a history of dozens of successful Office 365 migrations make us a tried-and-tested partner for your strategic move.  

As a Microsoft's Certified Gold Partner and Tier 1 SMB Champions Club member that is ranked among the top 3% Office 365 providers in the U.S, we ensure that you have all aspects of Office 365 covered through:


Office 365 is not just about email migration – it is much more. It is your go-to-office in the cloud, a profound change in how you run your business today. It offers online collaboration and a unified communication platform including Lync for instant messaging, SharePoint and One Drive for file storage, and even Office Professional Plus.  But how do you know if it is the right fit for your organization? What plan works for you? What challenges will you need to consider? Our client-focused, knowledgeable consulting team will make sure you are well-prepared to jumpstart your Office 365 project with:

  • Conducting readiness assessment and gap analysis
  • Developing a cloud strategy
  • Selecting the right cost plan and migration path


ATS understands the importance of data and application security, high availability, and disaster recovery for your organization. Our experienced team will work with you to ensure a successful, non-disruptive migration to Office 365 through:

  • Step 1: Developing a migration plan and select the right migration paths (cutover, staged, or hybrid); 
  • Step 2: Configuring, deploying, and testing; and 
  • Step 3: Provide training and support for your new cloud environment. 

To learn more about our process, view our webinar on Planning Your Office 365 Deployment.  


Managing all aspects of Office 365, such as licenses, users, and applications, might be daunting, especially if your organization has a small IT team. At ATS, we strive to make management and maintenance worry-free for you, so that your team can focus more on strategic tasks. Even if your organization is already on Office 365, we can provide unparalleled support that you are looking for. We bring:

  • Strong partnership with 365 Command - a powerful Office 365 management platform
  • Highly-trained and responsive U.S. support team
  • Effective training for your users